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Execution Petition  

IN THE COURT OF _________________________________________
___________________________________________ Decree Holder
___________________________________________ Judgement Debtor
Dated ____________

The Decree Holder prays for execution of the Decree/Order, the particulars whereof are stated in the columns hereunder.
1. No. of Suit
2. Name of Parties
3. Date of Decree/order of which execution is sought
4. Whether an appeal was filed against the decree / order under execution
5. Whether any payment has been received towards satisfaction of decree-order
6. Whether any application was made previous to this and if so their dates and results
7. Amount of suit alongwith interest as per decree or any other relief granted by the decree
8. Amount of costs if allowed by Court
9. Against whom execution is sought
10. In what manner court’s assistance is sought
The D.H. humbly prays that:
Decree Holder
I, ________________________ do hereby verify that the contents of this application are true to my knowledge or belief.
Dated…………… Signature of Decree Holder


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