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Power of Attorney  


The city of _________________ ________Date [in words] With this Power of Attorney I,  ____________________________ [full legal name], passport number _________________, issued on __________________________ ______ «___» ____________200__ by _______________ [issuing authority], residing at [full legal address]: ________________________, owner of _________ [number in words] common shares of the Open Joint Stock Company «________ _____», state registration №______, each having a nominal value of RUR ___, hereby appoint _____________________ [full legal name], passport number __________________, issued on ________________________________ «___» ____________200__ by _______________ [issuing authority], residing at __________________________ [full legal address], as my Proxy for the next General Meeting of Shareholders (hereinafter the GMS) to be held after the date of this Power of Attorney. My Proxy shall have the power and authority to represent my interests and act on my behalf at said GMS, including the power and authority to:

1. Participate in discussions of the agenda items;
2. Receive information and materials made available to shareholders of record;
3. Make statements and submit proposals to the governing bodies of the Company and the working bodies of the GMS;
(A power of attorney may also include detailed instructions regarding how to vote on each agenda item.)
4. Receive from _________________ [name of the authorized person of the company] all documents relevant to conducting said General Meetings.
5. Vote all shares owned by me as to all issues on the agenda; and
6. Take any other actions that may be appropriate and consistent with representing my interests pursuant to the terms and conditions of this Power of Attorney.
This Power of Attorney is not transferable, and is being issued for a term of ______ months.
____________________ (Signature of the Principal)
Verified by: _______________ (name of the notary)
[Notary [city of] ____________________ ]

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